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Stoll Masonry Fireplaces

  • Main Frame Options

    Main Frame Options

    Stoll offers you 27 unique finishes, six metal options and unlimited size and shape combinations to make you fireplace beautiful and efficient.

  • Glass Door Options

    Glass Door Options

    Choose from eight door styles, eight decorative designs, five hinge styles, four glass colors and seven handles to customize your fireplace door.

  • Wall Surrounds

    Wall Surrounds

    Our specialty is custom size and shape hearth pads and wall pads. Whether alcove, corner, or straight wall, we can custom build whatever is needed. If you wish to receive a quote, provide detailed drawings and dimensions of what is needed and contact your local dealer or contact us directly.  

  • Carolina Premier Steel Mantels

    Carolina Premier Steel Mantels

    Carolina Premier Mantels from Stoll Fireplace Inc. offer homeowners a distinct alternative to traditional wood or stone mantels. The elegant simplicity of the mantel lines draw the focus onto the fireplace rather than it’s surroundings, creating a perfect accent.

  • TrendStone Collection

    TrendStone Collection

    The TrendStone Collection is in a class of its own with 3cm high grade granite and unique edge profiles that are unlike anything else currently on the market. Choose from our 6 standard edge profiles and 6 standard shapes, or contact us for a quote on your custom designed hearth pad. There is no wood … Continue reading TrendStone Collection

  • Signature Hearth Pads

    Signature Hearth Pads

    Hearth pads in the Signature Collection provide the ultimate value in hearth safety. You can choose from multiple colors, each featuring a special combination of unique accents and premium frame colors. Thermal protector material and substrates are CNC machined for a precise fit around the angle iron frame. This allows our hearth pads to sit … Continue reading Signature Hearth Pads

  • Freestanding Stoves Model 1300 Non-Catalytic

    Freestanding Stoves Model 1300 Non-Catalytic

    This little powerhouse in a pretty package, the High Valley model 1300 is the first new stove by High Valley in almost 20 years. A 1.34 cu. ft. firebox with approx. 8 hr. burn time will create an estimated 35,000 BTUs allows for longer burn time and heats up to 1,300 sq. ft. The 1300 … Continue reading Freestanding Stoves Model 1300 Non-Catalytic

  • Freestanding Stoves Model 1600 Non-Catalytic

    Freestanding Stoves Model 1600 Non-Catalytic

    The High Valley 1600 is a non-catalytic wood stove, designed for maximum efficiency and dependability. The 2.7 cu. ft. firebox allows up to 15 hr. burns and will heat up to 2,700 sq. ft with a max. BTU output of 60,000 BTUs. With 2.7 grams/hr. of emissions, this model exceeds the stringent Washington state standards … Continue reading Freestanding Stoves Model 1600 Non-Catalytic

  • Freestanding Stoves Model 1500 Catalytic

    Freestanding Stoves Model 1500 Catalytic

    If you’re looking for high performance in a small package, the High Valley model 1500 is for you. A 2.5 cu. ft. firebox allows for longer burn time and heats up to 2,000 sq. ft. A large, high impact ceramic window provides an unobstructed view of the fire and adds an aura of warmth to … Continue reading Freestanding Stoves Model 1500 Catalytic

  • Model 2500 Catalytic

    Model 2500 Catalytic

    When you choose the 2500 bay window stove, you realize an efficient, aesthetically pleasing unit that will transform your heating needs and add appeal to your home. The unit comes standard with High Valley’s unique air wash system to keep the view of the fire clear. Over 3.5 cu. ft. firebox coupled with 3-speed speed … Continue reading Model 2500 Catalytic

  • Freestanding Stoves

    Freestanding Stoves

    High Valley Stoves by Stoll has designed four different freestanding wood stove models for our customers to choose from. Specifications and features vary from model to model. Our catalytic stoves, the model 1500 & 2500, use Firecat catalytic combustors while our models 1600 & 1300 are non-catalytic stoves. If you are new to catalytic stoves … Continue reading Freestanding Stoves

  • Stoll ReFace™

    Stoll ReFace™

    A complete renovation with one, easy-to-install step... Every Stoll ReFace™ is unique; engineered to completely cover your wood or gas manufactured fireplace by custom-sizing the frame and the louvers to fit perfectly. You can design your own unique ReFace from our selection of styles, colors, finishes and options. The result will be a complete make-over that suits your taste and fits your fireplace perfectly.

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