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Morso wood burning stove

  • MORSØ 8190

    MORSØ 8190

    Morsø 8190 is a variant of the popular 8100-series

  • MORSØ 8150

    MORSØ 8150

    The soap stone top must be ordered separately for rear or top flue exit

  • MORSØ 8148

    MORSØ 8148

    The Morsø 8148 pedestal wood stove provides the entire family with a perfect view of the flickering flames behind its convex window

  • MORSØ 8145

    MORSØ 8145

    Morsø 8145 is fitted with sandstone on the sites and top. Sandstone is an exclusive material that both gives the stove a beautiful appearance and has excellent heating qualities

  • MORSØ 8143

    MORSØ 8143

    orsø wood burning stove 8143 is a variant of the 8100 series. Morsø 8143 is fitted with a practical log storage that places the fire wood logs right on hand

  • MORSØ 8142

    MORSØ 8142

    The wood burning stove Morsø 8142 is a tall and slim cast-iron stove with a solid and elegant pan that slides in and out easily and effortlessly

  • MORSØ 7948

    MORSØ 7948


  • MORSØ 7943

    MORSØ 7943

    Morsø 7943 is available with with plain base or log storage

  • MORSØ 7940

    MORSØ 7940

    Morsø has yet again gone the extra mile in their uncompromising efforts to make fire a natural, decorative and aesthetically integrated part of the comfort and warmth of our homes

  • MORSØ 7648

    MORSØ 7648

    The Morso 7648 is a wood-burning stove set on a cast-iron pedestal with a large door glass providing an excellent view of the dancing flames

  • MORSØ 7644

    MORSØ 7644

    The wood-burning stove based on the convection principle ensures wonderfully clean and efficient combustion

  • MORSØ 7642

    MORSØ 7642

    The 7642 wood burning stove with log drawer is a work of art not unlike a living being, warming your house, your body and soul

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